Types Of Rehabilitation

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Rehabilitation is a process of improving the bodily conditions arising out of any disease or accident. There are several different types of rehab treatments for example physio in canberra. These different types of treatments target a specific organ of the body, whole body or a mental state. The popular types of therapies that are being used by the different experts are as follows:


PHYSICAL THERAPY is a broader category of therapies that helps in uplifting the overall strength and coordination of the body. The main purpose of the physical therapy is to overcome the possible weakness that the patient might suffer after undergoing the surgery. Elderly people, the sportsmen or those doing hard jobs may suffer from muscle and joint related issues. Physical therapy involving physio can help improve the conditions arising from this. The rehabilitation after neurosurgeries is also pivotal. Although the surgery does not target the bones, joints and muscles directly but the post-surgery requires intense care. The physical therapy helps in creating effective outcomes to overcome the deficincies following different treatments and ailments.


OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY or OT deals with the patients so that their work productivity increases. It helps in overcoming the weakness regarding a certain part of the body. OT builds up the energy levels to fight the deficiencies so that they can come up as a productive individual. OT includes finding the deficiences and then overcoming them. It is a unique way of treating the patients where they are treated in real life like spaces for example kitchens, toilets, etc. so that they can adapt to situations in a natural way.

SPEECH/SWALLOWING THERAPY are the therapy targeting the mouth and throat region. Many children while growing up cannot speak properly. Some people as an aftermath of an accident or injury suffer problems relating to the speech. Similar problems are associated with swallowing the food as well. The reason behind these problems is mostly the malfunctioning of the muscles in the throat region. There are specialized medical practitioners to treat these problems through a series of rehabilitation therapies.


BALANCE THERAPY as the name indicates helps in managing the balance related problems or vertigo. The balance problem arises either due to some ailment or because of an injury. The therapists in this field are specialised to handle the parts of the body that help you maintain the balance. The balance is ensured through the nervous system thus the target area under this therapy is the nervous system.

RESPIRATORY THERAPY is meant for the health of the respiratory system. The purpose of the respiratory therapist is to assess the possible problems with the respiration that a patient might face while undergoing surgery. The evaluation and improvement continues even after the patient enters into the recovery phase.

These are just a few popular types of therapies that are meant for the rehabilitation in canberra. Besides physio some other therapies include the neuropsychology, and vision therapy that are specialized types of therapies required for improving the various malfunctioning.