Air Conditioning equipment helps us by keeping the environment cool. Its working principle is that it cools the atmosphere by reducing the heat and moisture if the air. Nowadays there is also a system known as evaporating cooling so make sure to check it out too or if you need any kind of evaporative cooling repairs in melbourne then you can also get it done quite easily.


  1. 1. Central Air Conditioning;

It is a combination of condenser, compressor, or evaporator. It is the simplest type. In which the ducts of cooling or heating running through the exterior wall.

  1. 2. Ductless air conditioning systems:

It consists of the outdoor compressor, condenser, or consisting of indoor air-handling objects.

  1. Window units:

It consists of a single thermostat that can be easily fitted in the slot of the wall. It is also known as window air conditioner and used for a single room.

  1. Portable units:

They are similar to window units. As they are also small in size difference is that they can be moved from one location to another.

  1. Hybrid air conditioning,

 They are also known as an inverter. As in winter, they blow out heat while in summer they blow out cool breeze to comforts the occupants.


A heating installation system is used to maintain the heat in the atmosphere.  Many methods are used to install it. These methods are used in countries where the temperature becomes unbearable outdoors.


Common types of heating installation are given as follows.

  1. Furnaces:

It is mostly used in the northern American household. Furnaces blow the heat through ducts to the room that keeps the room warm. It is also known as dated warm air

  1. 2. Boilers:

Some of the special purpose water heaters are known A the boilers. This type consists of radiators, furnaces, and boilers. Furnaces care the heat the water boils in the boiler and passes through the radiator. It is built in houses that help to keep the temperature of the house warm.

  1. Heat Pump.

In this type of heat installation, the pumper, pump heat inside the conditioners during winter and blow out during the summer season.

Ducted cooling and heating;

In these, we use duct (pipes) through which the fluid or gad passes and make the room cool or hot.


1 Forced Air System:

It uses a fan called a bowler to distribute the air in the room. For cool air it uses furnace for cool it uses air conditioning.

2 .Radiant System:

It warms the house by warming the walls of the house


In this, the room gets cool by moisturizing the atmosphere. In this, we use the vapour absorption or compression technique. There are also many service providers who offers services related to the evaporative cooling repairs

The potential of cooling depends on the depression of the bulb.


There are two types of evaporative cooling systems that can also be repaired by Melbourne

  1. Direct:

This type of water is supplied directly to the air and it absorbs heat.

  1. Indirect:

It contains a secondary heat changer that is used to avoid humidity levels from being increased in the airstream.

So if you are also interested in knowing more about evaporative cooling repairs then make sure to look for the nearest company as there are many companies these days that are now offering evaporative cooling repairs.