Tree Pruning And Its Importance

Tree pruning is removing or cutting down unwanted parts of the tree. Pruning of the tree is important to maintain the overall health of the tree, promote its growth and to improve the beauty of the tree and make it pleasing on the eye.Understanding the biology of the tree is a prerequisite to pruning the tree because you don’t want to haphazardly cut down the healthy part of the tree and destroy it, this requires experience and knowledge which is why it’s better to contact an arborist for this purpose, arborist are professionals mastered in this kind of work.What are the reasons to prune a tree?Aesthetics, pruning a tree can improve its outlook making it more aesthetically pleasing to the eye, and also help in the growth of flowers and fruits.Safety, overgrowth of trees may sometimes lean against power cables and damage them, or dead branches may fall on someone and can be a hazard, overgrowth of trees on either side of the road can block vision while driving.

So, tree trimming Perth is necessary to avoid health hazards. Trees growing close to your house may rub against your window during a harsh wind.To control the pests and insect, some insects build nest and eat the surrounding parts of the tree even if some don’t damage tree that way, they may spread diseases and weaken the tree overall, and if the affected tree is close to your home, they may even enter the house.Although you can trim trees anytime of the year, its better to prune them in particular season as its beneficial for the health of the trees, the best time to prune both deciduous and evergreen tree Is February to early April, tree trimming during the cold season and around early spring gives time for them to heal and sprout luscious green further.

Pruning the tree before leaves appear are beneficial as it helps to see the branches better and get rid of the unwanted.To craft the trees shape its preferred to prune them during late spring to early summer this is after allowing them to bloom, this way you are given the entire picture of the tree and you are able to prune accordingly; although some weak branches may be hidden, some of the branches that cannot hold the foliage are shown.Late summer and early all pruning are not recommended mainly for two reasons, first being you are promoting new growth only for it to die during the cold season, and second it would lead to infection by fungi during fall.Although trimming should not be done by just anyone, if you insist on doing so purchase the necessary tools and practice safety precaution.

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