Hip Surgery And Hip Surgeon

There are many kinds of diseases that can be found in today’s world. Cure for some of them has been found but some still needs proper treatment on which scientists and researchers are working. But fortunately, treatment or cure for most of the diseases has been found. There are many procedures to treat a disease or disorder, this treatment can be done by medication or by surgery. If such a stage has been reached that no medication can work anymore then people opt for surgery. This surgery can vary from brain surgery to knee surgery or from heart surgery to hip surgery. The specialist doctors who operate these surgeries are known as surgeons like heart surgeon, brain surgeon, hip surgeon, etc.


The most common disorder that can be seen among people is arthritis. It is a kind of joint inflammation which results in pain around the joints of bones. The most common form of arthritis is known as osteoarthritis. In osteoarthritis, tissues that surrounds joints wears off and causes friction between bones resulting in extreme pain. Osteoarthritis is mostly found in aged people who have crossed the adolescent age but can be seen in young people as well.

Hip surgery:

Another form of arthritis that is also a bone disorder is known as hip disorder. It is a disorder in which either joint inflammation occurs or certain bone has been dislocated. There are different ways to operate hip disorders that is either a bone can be realigned to it’s original position or if the joint has been completely worn off then a artificial joint of plastic or steel is placed there.

Hip surgeons:

Hip surgeons are the specialist doctors who have specialized in the knee arthritis surgery sector. They are professionals who are experienced enough to operate hip or pelvic surgery. Even though this surgery is painful and requires three to four months for it to recover completely but still it is recommendable because it relieves you from constant continuing pain.

Every city or town has a surgeon who is popular through out the city because of his efficiency. Similarly, Melbourne based orthopedic surgeon dr. David Slattery is well known across the town because of his professionalism and working experience. He is a highly qualified surgeon who has a experience in doing pelvic, hip or knee surgery.


Everything needs to ne fixed or replaced when it gets broken or damaged. Similar is the case with human beings, if any bone or joint is broken or damaged then it needs to be fixed. To fix these broken bones there are specialist surgeons for every particular disorder. For instance, there are heart surgeons to operate heart, there are brain surgeons to operate brain and then there are hip surgeons to operate pelvic region. Pelvic or hip surgery needs to be done immediately before it results in furthermore complications. To relieve oneself from constant pain while walking or making any movement hip surgery is must.

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